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The Worst Five Party Schools in the U.S.


When going away to college for the first time, students have a lot on their minds. How challenging will the classes be? Will the dining hall food be any good? Will that stranger of a roommate snore? For some, there is an even greater worry getting swept up into the wild scene of collegiate parties. We already chronicled five of the most out of control universities. It’s important to remember that not everyone is interested in late nights filled with booze and regrets.

Many students still choose universities based on academic merits, and not how many bars there are these things, of course, all come down to personal preference. Chances are you’re reading this list for two reasons. You may be looking for a quiet and peaceful institution that doesn’t have raging parties going into the early morning hours. Or those parties are exactly what you want, and you’ll be sorely disappointed if your school turns out to be a real buzzkill. Keep reading if you’re curious about the top five schools that rank for hard work and academics, not partying.

Fordham University is our first pick, and it’s a school that a former alum reviewed for us, too. (). It shouldn’t come as a shock that Fordham isn’t exactly party central, because it’s nicknamed the Catholic Ivy League for a reason. Increasingly strict and undeniably conservative, you won’t find an exciting atmosphere here. Sex is punishable under the student handbook, as is contraception. Were you thinking about throwing a party? Well, you should probably think again. You’ll have to register your shindig at least a week in advance, which really kills the whole youthful spontaneity thing. Still, it’s a top ranking school that doesn’t just accept anyone. Expect to spend more time among the library stacks than in the aisles of the liquor store.

Have you ever heard of Pepperdine College? It’s quite the prestigious law school. Despite being located in California, it has none of the wild antics that neighboring Golden State universities are known for. Drinking and sex are completely out of the question, and LGBT students are blatantly told to stay away thanks to a clause that bans homosexuality. The school wants to exude an image of prosperity and prep school refinement, but essenitally comes across as overly strict and ignorant in the process. If you choose to attend Pepperdine, don’t plan on packing a six pack, condoms or even a fun spirit. Those things all make the “strictly prohibited” list.

Brigham Young University located in Provo, Utah is another school that we’ve written about in the past. The student body is largely of the Mormon faith, and insights from popular student forums tell us that this university has more rules than you can fathom. Due to its religious leanings, don’t expect there to be any tolerance of sex or alcohol. It’s taken so seriously, that you’d be hard pressed to find an undergraduate with enough gall to sneak a wine cooler back to their room. The dress code is also dated and severe, with women required to wear below the knee dresses and men upheld to clean cut grooming standards. Their sports teams might be well known, but their party scene is basically non existent.

We were surprised to see the University of Iowa reign supreme in the national party scene. Students say the region doesn’t have much entertainment, which has led to an outrageous party scene. We thought the same would be true of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is the location of Oral Roberts University. We were wrong very wrong! The liberal arts college actually makes students sign an honor code that basically says they won’t have sex, drink or smoke. There’s also some loose clause about not adhering to the dress code. No contraception is available on campus, and the women’s and men’s dorms are segregated from one another. With Pentecostal Christian origins and tenured professors out of touch with the modern age, there’s nothing but G-rated fun in these parts.

This final school might seem obvious, but we think it’s a good reminder considering how many high school graduates choose to enroll in the armed forces. The United States Military Academy at West Point is obviously rooted in rules and discipline. The world renowned institution doesn’t look too fondly on sex, alcohol or drugs (in fact, these are all violations that could get you booted out of boot camp). The Princeton Review actually referred to the school as “stone cold sober”.  In lieu of all things immoral and rebellious, you’ll focus on academics, physical training and even be required to participate in a sport. We’ll give West Point a break, though, because we’re fairly confident they could beat us up if they wanted to.

Ryan James is a ’13 alumnus of Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in writing and media. He currently works as a copywriter for a Fortune 500 ecommerce corporation based in Columbus, OH.

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