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Sage Advice from a Wittenberg University Alumni


Wittenberg University Alumni, reminds us of another Ohio school Kenyon College. Both highly selective schools have a scenic rural campus, small student body and academic emphasis on the liberal arts. Wittenberg University, which is known affectionately as Witt to fellow Tigers, was established in 1845 with the motto “Having Light, We Pass It On To Others”. Today the school offers more than 70 majors, and it’s been ranked as an impressive institution by everyone from U.S. World News & Report to Forbes. Approximately 2,000 students attend the school’s tree lined campus in the small city of Springfield, Ohio. They participate in Greek life, a variety of student organizations and some even contribute to the university’s online radio station or newspaper (the latter is dubbed The Torch).

Samantha Reynolds, an alumna from the Class of 2014, was drawn to the school’s quiet grounds and liberal minded academics. As an English major who dabbled in other creative courses like painting, Reynolds felt at home among her artistic and forward thinking peers. She passed along some helpful advice to us that might just help you prospective Wittenberg freshmen make that all important final decision.

Procrastination City

As mentioned before, Wittenberg University despite its low undergraduate headcount has quite the robust amount of student organizations and extracurricular activities. All of the groups are here, from political parties and science societies to dance companies. In fact, Wittenberg actually place a lot of weight and significance on being involved. Reynolds enjoyed the groups that she participated in, but found that they quickly started to overshadow her core academic classes. “It was far to easy to believe yourself,” said Reynolds. She notes that this is especially true during your first year. “I wish I had gone for the approach of trying one or two things and expanding from there, rather than joining every email list and whittling it down later.”

Grabbing Groceries

Like other students we’ve heard from, Reynolds had a hard time adjusting to a budget for her weekly food. She echoed many of the sentiments we express in our campus dining section, which talks about making healthy eating choices for improved brain power. “The mindset of must make it quick and must make it cheap often resulted in a poor diet, which led to lack of energy, which led to lower productivity. As I continued through my academic career I found foods that would give me energy without blowing my paycheck.” According to the Wittenberg alumna, it all came down to figuring out basic ingredients. Still stumped? Seventeen Magazine shows you how to make a week’s worth of meals for under $60!

Where to Relax

If you haven’t been paying attention (shame on you!), we’ll reiterate: Wittenberg University’s campus is small. How small? Well, its essentially comprised of six buildings between its halls and the science center. However, what it may lack in size, it certainly makes up for in scenery. A large grassy hill in the middle of the grounds is an area where students meet-up, study and relax. Reynolds encourages you to “go outside and absorb your surroundings.” I found that even on the busiest days, the time I spent clearing my mind if even for five minutes was imperative to being productive. Wittenberg may not have the flashy nightlife that other party schools have, but never take for granted the accessibility to quiet spaces worthy of calming self reflection. They come in handy when academic life becomes hectic.

Ryan James is a ’13 alumnus of Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in writing and media. He currently works as a copywriter for a Fortune 500 ecommerce corporation based in Columbus, OH. Samantha Reynolds, a student from Wittenberg University’s Class of 2014, generously offered to share some of the details of her experience to educate potential future students of Wittenberg University.


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