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Five Ways to Enjoy Nightlife at Miami University


The nightlife at Miami University is mainly Thursday through Saturday night. While some colleges that are known as “party schools” tend to have drunken debauchery even on a Tuesday night, Miami tends to stick to a more traditional schedule for nightlife. The students here work hard and play hard and it shows with an active bar scene in the Uptown area, many house parties (some Greek, some unaffiliated), concerts, and of course sporting events such as football, basketball, and the super popular and often high ranking hockey team.

1.) Bar scene

Unless you like to dance, the bar scene is more of a big deal if you are of-age, in which case Mac & Joes is a classic choice since it has been around campus for more than 50 years. I went to an alumni event not too long ago, and there was an alumnus who graduated circa 1950s; he said he remembered going to Mac & Joes back in his day!

This bar has a great tavern feel and I remember they had a creative list of shots as well as delicious Irish Car Bombs! Once a year, there is the notorious Green Beer Day, which takes place on the Thursday before Spring Break, around St. Patrick’s Day. This is when the bars will open at 5 or 6am, and even the professors know students may not be operating on all cylinders.

During this day, the bars have specials where I have gotten beers for as low as $0.75! Let me tell you something. Managing to spend$0.75 at a bar for a beer makes that a great tasting beer!  Also, there are green beers which are delicious until you realize you have a green tongue for the rest of the day.

2.) House Parties

Now the house parties can be a great place for kegs, socializing, and drinking games like flip cup or beer pong. Many of the houses have a name, so people don’t usually use addresses as they know to go to “Spring Chicks” or “Tappa Kegga Day” or “Octopussy” or “The Century Club” or maybe “Tony Danza” and on and on. It gives the town a lot of character, and is one of those things I miss when I visit other college towns.

After the house party, many students will go to Uptown to get a bite at Bagel and Deli (a great bagel sandwich joint) and they are often open super late. Also you have a pizza place where you can get a slice of pizza for a buck (by now it’s probably a buck fifty or two per slice).Another classic late night spot is the popular Cincinnati based chain Skyline Chili (which really is as addictive as crack, so I’ve heard).

3.) Concerts

Many celebrities have come through Miami University. During my time as a student, they had Dave Matthews Band, 50 Cent, Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Dave Chappelle, and also great campus sponsored events at the student union like hypnotists, comedians, and karaoke nights.

4.) Dorm Activities

While usually way less official, parties within the dorm would often provide pregame festivities to the house parties and/or going to the bars or dance clubs. This happens all the time even though technically the University would never allow such things (assuming alcohol is involved).

5.) Sporting Events

Hockey is huge here. The games are fast paced, fun, loud, and you never know when the players might start fighting each other. This has been a Miami tradition for decades, and with a new ice arena since I was a student there, it is more modern but just as fun. Also, with your student ID, free tickets to the games!

Basketball and football are fun too, and while not as huge as a “Big Ten” school like Ohio State or Michigan, the football/basketball games are great social activities and students do come out and make an event of them.

Michael Bromberg is a 2005 graduate of Miami University with a BA degree in psychology

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