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Five Things to Avoid at College of Staten Island


Everyone looks forward to the best parts of college, but what about the parts that aren’t so great? Attending the College of Staten Island is an overall pleasant experience that is not without its disadvantages. Here are some tips on what to avoid or try to avoid during your years on campus:

1.) Parking Tickets

Take it from me; you can’t trick your way into a free spot on campus. A parking decal costs about $109/year, and that’s a steal compared to the amount of debt you’ll wrack up from tickets. According to the campus faculty, visitors to the college who do not go to the school can park safely in the lot next to the gym. Naturally, students try to get away with parking here and fail. Repeat after me you will get a ticket if you are parked next to the gym without a valid decal on your car. However, there is a way to get around the parking permit, if you’re not against getting to school a little early and trekking to class. For those who really don’t want to give up the cash, here’s a tip: park on the street next to the college, walk to the college entrance, and take the loop bus to your desired building. It requires more time and energy than parking on campus, but it’s free!

2.) Underestimating gym class

Physical Education class is mandatory, and it only counts as one credit. Does it suck? Yeah, kind of. Does it have to be taken seriously? According to your gym professor, yes. Nobody actually wants to take this class (with the exception of a few), but without it you can’t graduate. You’ll have to pay for this one credit class again if you don’t pass the first time. All professors vary in what physical activity they teach some will take the class swimming in the gym’s pool, some will have students run laps across the field. Whatever the case, you will be involved in some type of physical activity. Oh yeah, and half the class is a lecture! Don’t forget to study for the tests they’re not as easy as you might think.

3.) Building 6S

Okay, so if your major has anything to do with science, you won’t be able to avoid this building. Therefore, this tip serves as more of a warning for when you can’t escape it get to campus early. The parking lot for building 6S is always full, all of the time. In order to get a spot here at any time of day, you’ll have to sit in the lot and wait for someone to leave. This activity causes major stress when trying to get to class on time. I suggest getting used to parking farther away, most likely in the lot near the library.

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4.) Waiting too long for an internship

When you get to be a senior, things can get pretty wacky. Maybe you’re excited to finish up with school and get a job, maybe you are looking to get a graduate’s degree somewhere else, or maybe you’re confused and still don’t know what to do with your life. Whatever your mind may be busy fumbling over, don’t forget what is important finishing your classes, and getting an internship. With most majors, an internship is a requirement for graduation. Apply for a bunch early on in the year so that you are guaranteed to graduate. The internship isn’t just to finish college, it’s also a great look into the field you’re entering, and it can open up doors for future employment. With that in mind, try to land an internship at a large company, one that means something to you, and one that you might want to work for in the future. Many businesses hire their interns for regular employment.

5.) Waiting too long to sign up for classes

Warning to all lazy students check your email! It’s not your fault if your sign-up date is later than most others (your sign-up date is given to you by the school), but it is your fault if you don’t sign up for the classes on the date given to you. At the end of every semester you will get a letter sent to your college email address that provides the date on which you can sign up for next semester’s classes. A lot of people go to this school, and often the classes you need for your major are few and far between. They get filled quickly, especially classes linked to popular majors such as nursing. Heed this advice, if it’s the only tip you listen to: sign up for classes as soon as possible, lest you be left with the courses nobody else wanted.

Lisa Lee writes poetry and prose for fun. She attended the College of Staten Island and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She currently lives with her boyfriend in New Jersey.

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