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Dining Dismay at Kingsborough Community College


To this day, Kingsborough Community College is the only community college in Brooklyn. Overlooking Sheepshead Bay, the school established in 1963 attracts a variety of students who live in the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. How many students you ask? Approximately 14,000! More than half of them are full time pupils looking to earn a liberal arts degree. The remaining students are after career educations with very specific professional tracts. Notable alumni include everyone from stand-up comedians to famed geologists, but this accredited institution is very much for the “every man”. It’s a humble school that’s not publicized nearly as much as others, and even their official website is a modest affair.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bevy of beloved professors. In fact, we chronicled the best and worst professors here. The 71-acre Manhattan Beach campus is scenic alright, but it’s tough to get a decent bite. Dining options are limited and hardly up-to-par. Read on to discover why Kingsborough Community College is a great place to start your higher education path, but a poor choice for the tummy.

The main cafeteria is located in the U building, and it’s open from 7:30 a.m. to the early evening not exactly convenient for those taking classes during the dinner hour. There’s also a satellite cafeteria located in T-2. While scanning the weekly menu, we found a real lack of variety; beef stroganoff, macaroni and cheese and roasted turkey were among the entrees. Two different soups are offered each day, along with a meager amount of sides like rice or potatoes. A static breakfast menu consists of bagels, eggs and the like. All in all, the food choices are bland and none are overly healthy. Vegans and vegetarians will be very limited here. No mention is made of accommodations for the gluten intolerant, so we can only assume they don’t exist, or leave a lot to be desired.

Kingsborough Community College has a rather self contained campus that’s at the edge of a peninsula. This means that there aren’t very many local food joints to take advantage of without leaving via car. You do have an option, though, if you like Chinese food. Panda House, an independent food service company, also operates on campus. Run by a man known as Frances to most, the company offers a rather strange mixture of American cuisine (ex. ravioli) with Chinese dishes (ex. beef lo mein). In short it’s a rather disjointed offering with little cohesion. If you’re craving something truly familiar, then take full advantage of the Starbucks that’s located in the Mac Center, which is the aforementioned main cafeteria. There’s no eclectic food courts to be found here. What you see is pretty much what you get.

We do understand why the food offerings are limited at Kingsborough Community College. Many of the students are commuters, and they don’t reside in dormitories. This would be a fine explanation, again, if the school wasn’t located on the peninsula. You’ll likely be attending multiple classes throughout the day, and you’re bound to get hungry eventually. If the Mac Center or Panda House aren’t to your liking, then you’ll be flat out of luck beyond packing ahead of time. Schools also suffer from not having a lively, well liked cafeteria because those places often serve as a social refuge the all important college hangout spot. If food is something that’s truly important to you, then look for a school that’s closer to the city where options are endless.

Now that you know all about the food situation, we think you should ponder five things a former student wishes they’d known before attending Kingsborough Community College. Happy reading!

Ryan James is a ’13 alumnus of Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in writing and media. He currently works as a copywriter for a Fortune 500 e-commerce corporation based in Columbus, OH.

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