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An Overview of Below Average and Exceptional Professors at Ohio University


Nestled in the hills of Appalachia, Ohio University which boasts a sprawling 1,850 acre campus attracts eager scholars from all over the world. Students aren’t just attracted to the scenic university’s brick streets and tree lined green tranquil gardens. Future Bobcats come to learn, and with prestigious programs like The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, they’ve certainly come to the right place. As a current or prospective undergraduate that’s ready to shell out the dollars for that diploma, you might be curious what kind of academic talent the institution attracts. We looked at Rate my Professors to determine the professors you should pass on, and the ones you shouldn’t pass up.

Below Average
  1. Brenda Lynch: Every so often you encounter a professor with a sense of humor that’s not just strange, but actually condescending and rude. Students rally around the notion that this professor in the business department more than fits that role. She’s earned a reputation for docking points off of just about anything she can, and her syllabus? Well, it’s loaded with busy work that doesn’t tend to enhance the course’s big picture ideas in any way. If you’re shy or easily offended, Lynch won’t provide the learning environment you deserve
  2. Doug Adie: Economics majors know a good return on their investment when they see it, but this professor doesn’t fit that mold with his apathetic, veering towards insulting, generalizations about underclassmen. His challenging tests can’t really be condemned it’s college after all. On the contrary, hopeless students have made a valid point: you can’t ever except to do better if you can’t reach your instructor for help by email or phone. Adie just doesn’t add up
  3. David Dabelko: Brilliant, analytical minds and political science majors go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, this professor plagued by tangents during lectures just can’t seem to gather his thoughts. Students hoping to increase their GPA recommend that you avoid him at all costs since the weekly course material seems all but absent on the rather difficult exams. It’s not a surprise that his review sessions are just as rambling and vague. Steer clear if clarity is of concern.
  1. Karen Deardorff: An all time favorite of just about any student in the communications department, this approachable professor is revered for her interactive approach to learning no boring lectures here. Inspired by feminist sensibilities and a passion for social change, she strives to break down the speaker to listener barrier in the classroom by facilitating meaningful dialogues that rarely feel like a Q&A session. Do you retain knowledge better when it’s supplemented by film? Well Deardorff is known for showing thought-provoking movies from time to time.
  2. Gary Gondek: Bookworms in the English language and literature department rave about this humorous professor that keeps things fresh by changing the theme of his syllabus every semester. Not only are his discussions engaging, meaningful and laugh filled, but they’re also enhanced by interesting visual materials like graphic novels or films (read: essentials for the well rounded liberal arts gladiator). Count on Gondek to always schedule time with you outside of class to go over any assignments and ideas that just aren’t clicking right away.
  3. Vic Matta: Future business moguls can’t get enough of this professor who had a laudable career in IT project management and systems administration before deciding to pass on his words of wisdom to incoming generations. While some students claim that his courses aren’t the easiest, they all seem to agree that he’ll do just about anything to help you succeed. If your grade is suffering, fear not. Matta has loaded his syllabus with plenty of small assignments and quizzes for a much appreciated boost. As a superhero, his power just might be the art of constructive yet gentle feedback.

Ryan James is a ’13 alumnus of Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in writing and media. He currently works as a copywriter for a Fortune 500 e-commerce corporation based in Columbus, OH.


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