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An Overview of Below Average and Exceptional Professors at California State University, Long Beach


California’s impressive university system enrolls thousands of students each year, and those who attend California State University, Long Beach do so for good reason. Not only does it have some of the lowest fees in the country, but it’s celebrated for being one of the most racially diverse campuses in the West. Its revered art program the largest publicly funded program west of the Mississippi attracts scores of budding Picassos, and those without the magic paint stroke call upon 137 other undergraduate degrees to help shape their future. Are you signing up for a new semester of courses, or maybe even pondering that application? We looked at Rate my Professors to determine the professors you should pass on, and the ones you shouldn’t pass up.

Below Average
  1. Betty Deckard: Those hoping for a mentor as exceptional as Freud won’t find it in this apathetic psychology professor who for whatever reason lingers in the subconscious looks as though she’d much rather be somewhere else during lectures. Any in class time that’s spent with her centers around being read the textbook, which is something that independent scholars say they can do on their own (talk about free will). The outspoken are shot down in front of their peers if their ideas don’t align with Deckard’s, as many of her own philosophies and values are one sided. If overly opinionated and rude aren’t attributes you admire, then look elsewhere.
  2. AbachiShahriar: Telescope enthusiasts might be better of looking to the stars for astronomy help than to this less than revered professor who hasn’t quite mastered the skill of simplifying complex ideals for his undergraduate classes. Unorganized and rambling, his lectures don’t follow along with the syllabus or the textbook how confusing! Those who found success claim they did so through self teaching and looking to teaching assistants during lab days for guidance. The student who needs some more hands on instruction will quickly feel lost.
  3. David Bojarsky: Accounting majors know how things are supposed to add up, but consider this student’s story and tell us that something isn’t off. After attending every class, participating and studying hard for all the assignments, she still wound up with a C-. Why so? Bojarsky is infamous for teaching material that’s never referenced on exams, making preparation impossible for even the most dedicated learner.

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  1. David Cheetham: This well studied professor in the anthropology department doesn’t just know his field’s noteworthy texts inside and out though he does recall and recite them to his engaged lecture hall students quite well. He’s regarded as a cache of insightful tidbits that never cease to amaze even the most intelligent of pupils. Students think he has the winning combination of brains and humor with tinges of sympathy strewn throughout. Not only are his assignments straightforward and fair, but his notes might just help you down the line with other courses in the department.
  2. Sean Smith: History buffs can’t get enough of this instructor who’s regarded as being “super chill” and positive. Despite dense material and a syllabus focused on writing topics, his laidback approach makes analyzing all of those important events a cinch. In fact, most students really enjoy his test free setup. It’s clear that passion is his history, and he’s always willing to work with anyone that’s falling behind on the content to help boost their next big grade. Extroverts will appreciate his partner-based activities, so sit near people you can stand!
  3. Pat Pierce: Chemistry has never been the easiest major in the world, but this highly recommended scholar does his best to make it concise, enlightening and even a little bit fun (okay, a lot of bit). Now it’s true that his coursework is challenging and requires a lot of studying, but majors know that falling behind in one class only sets you behind in another. They admire the value Pierce places on knowledge retention, not just simply getting an A+ and moving on. One former student went as far to say that he’s the most encouraging professor they’ve ever known, so if all those foaming beakers and equations make you a wee bit anxious, maybe this professor can be the one to instill some much needed confidence.


Ryan James is a ’13 alumnus of Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in writing and media. He currently works as a copywriter for a Fortune 500 e-commerce corporation based in Columbus, OH.

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