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5 Weekend Activities at BYU-Idaho


If you attend BYU-Idaho, one of the questions you will be asked over and over is, “what is there to do in Rexburg?”  And in those moments, you may find yourself tongue-tied, because really, what is there to do? The night life is almost nonexistent, but that doesn’t mean your weekends have to just be spent watching your roommate clip his toenails.  Here are 5 things to do on the weekend in Rexburg:

1.) If you go to BYU-Idaho it is almost a guarantee that you will go to the sand dunes at some point.

The dunes are a hot spot in both winter and summer. In the winter, they provide the perfect place to go sledding, and in the summer there are always a few bonfires. If you do decide to make a bonfire, make sure you are using the correct wood (no nails), as cops are constantly patrolling the area enforcing this.

2.) Sammy’s is a popular spot in town for nights and weekends at BYU-Idaho.

In the front of the venue there is a 50’s style bar serving their famous pie shakes. If you aren’t hungry, head to the back, where a small stage hosts local bands and concerts regularly. The food can be a little pricey, but the concerts are free, so whatever your budget, Sammy’s delivers. The venue is fun, but it draws a particular crowd, so if you aren’t a fan of hipsters, stay away.

3.) One of the best kept secrets in the Rexburg area is Monkey Rock.

With a waterfall, hidden cave, and bridge jumping, this attraction is a great place for a date or even just hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, activities here are only really possible in the spring and summer, and during that time it is possible that you might walk in on a proposal or two the school’s alias is BYU-Idaho.

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4.) The best park in Rexburg, Nature Park, is also one of the least visited.

For one reason or another, it seems like the majority of the BYU-Idaho population is unaware that this park exists. But the park has a gigantic variety of activities to do. There is an area for children, complete with mini hockey rink, Skate Park, Frisbee golf, soccer field, and more. Looking to just hang out and take it easy rather than exercise? There is also a pond where you can fish or even just feed the ducks. A nature trail winds through the park, and down along the river through Eagle Park Campground, where you are likely to catch a glimpse of a beaver or raccoon.

5.) If you are really looking for a reliable source of a variety of entertainment.

The university itself will always be your best bet in Rexburg. The school seems to know that there is not much to do in Rexburg, and so they work hard to provide a steady stream of a wide variety of activities. There are rec sports, with leagues ranging from playing for fun to competitive. Musical events happen regularly, and if you prefer playing to listening, you can even audition to play in Guitars Unplugged in front of 3,000 other students. If you prefer more low key activities, you can check out the planetarium, a poetry slam, the art gallery, or the international cinema. Whatever your interests, you can bet that the school will host a few activities every semester that catch your eye.

Michael Briscoe graduated from BYU-Idaho with his B.S. in Sociology in 2014.  While at BYU-Idaho he worked as a custodian, a graduation specialist, and a manager and performer in various campus activities.

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