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5 Things You Must Do at Butler University


You cannot graduate from Butler University without experiencing some of the best traditions. From seeing the historic Hinkle Field-house during a basketball game to fountain hopping with your friends, there are several school customs you need to know.

1.) Attend at Least One Butler University Basketball Game 

Butler University makes it easy to attend at least one basketball game before you graduate. The school offers students hundreds of free tickets, and you have the chance to sit in the lower levels. You have to experience historic Hinkle Field-house during an actual game.

From seeing Butler’s adorable mascot to watching fans roar with every point, you have to see a live game to understand why basketball is one of the most popular sports on campus.

2.) Go Fountain Hopping 

Before you graduate, you will want to take part in the fountain-hopping tradition at Butler University. Students jump into every fountain on campus with or without their clothes. Four of the five fountains are located outside, and one is inside the Irwin Library.

Obviously, the university does not approve of this tradition, so most fountain-hopping is done at night. The water may be cold, but it does not stop students from keeping this custom every year.

3.) Finish the Butler Cultural Requirement 

It is easy to neglect the cultural requirement at Butler University, but forgetting it can prevent you from graduating. The school makes you attend eight cultural events before you can receive a diploma. You can find them by looking for the BCR (Butler Cultural Requirement) symbol on school calendars.

In order for the event to count, you must remember to have your ID card scanned as you enter, and it has to be scanned again as you leave. However, instead of viewing the requirement as an annoyance, you can enjoy some of the free events offered by the school.

You do not have to attend a boring seminar or lecture. The school allows you to choose from a variety of Clowes Memorial Hall performances, plays and concerts. Other Butler events also count, so pay attention to the calendar and enjoy the visiting writers’ series or watch new student theater productions.

Some of the events have the added benefit of providing students with free snacks, and you will not be served boring potato chips or stale cookies. Organizers often purchase fresh subs, pizzas and other delicious treats.

4.) Take Pictures with the Bulldog Statue 

Located in front of Atherton Union, the infamous bulldog statue represents the school mascot. It is a Butler University tradition to take pictures with the statue. Many students like to sit on the statue for their photos, but it is not a requirement, and hugging it is also acceptable.

During special events on campus, such as the men’s basketball team reaching the NCAA Final Four, you will see the bulldog decorated in the school’s colors. However, most students try to get pictures with the statue during welcome week and family weekend.

It seems to attract parents who are only able to visit once or twice a year and want photos of their children hugging the bulldog. If you wait for welcome week and family weekend to end, you can pose freely without interruptions.

5.) Join Bulldogs Into The Streets (BITS) 

Bulldogs Into The Streets, better known as “BITS” on campus, is Butler University’s annual volunteer opportunity. Students spread out across Indianapolis to help multiple charities. This is a good way to network with local organizations while helping people in need.

The school provides a free lunch and T-shirt, and you do not have to worry about transportation. Rides are arranged, so you can simply focus on volunteering and meeting new friends. The activities range from cleaning up a local park to playing bingo with residents at Joy’s House.

You also have the chance to visit local elementary schools and food banks. Plus, you will get a Butler T-shirt to add to your collection. Before you graduate from Butler University, there are several things you must experience. Your older self will thank you for the memories of basketball games, fountain hopping and other fun stories.

Your education is not complete without these traditions and activities, not to forget what financial aid you’ve received through the years.

Lana Bandoim is a freelance writer and editor. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry from Butler University. Her work has been published on websites ranging from Yahoo! News to Life script.


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