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5 Things you Have to do at BYU-Idaho


Every university has its traditions, and BYU-Idaho is no exception. If you decide to pursue your education in this frozen tundra, here are a few things you must try in order to have the full Brigham Young University-Idaho experience.

1.) Red Neck ‘Sups Great Scott’s (Horkleys).

If you talk to anyone who attended Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho) 5 years ago, they will talk about the famous tradition of Thirsty Thursdays at Horkley’s gas station; 35 cent refills on 44oz drinks. Since then a few things have changed: the name (it is now called Great Scott’s), the prices (expect to pay 70 cents for a 44oz refill), and the drinks. Instead of just offering fountain drinks, the gas station offers specialty soda drinks, affectionately called Red Neck ‘Sups, mixed right in front of you, customizable with cream and flavorings. Everyone who attends BYU-Idaho has tried a Red Neck ‘Sup. But besides the drinks, be sure to check out the video rentals in the back, with cheaper prices than Redbox at 80 cents a night for movie rentals.

2.) The BYU-Idaho Gardens.

The gardens located west of the Hinckley building might not seem like much at first sight, but the deeper you dig, the more you find. They are larger than they seem, with plenty of hidden nooks and crannies. To enjoy the full BYU-Idaho experience you need to explore every area in the gardens, preferably with a date.

3.) The Potato Museum in Blackfoot.

Is there anywhere else in the world that would build a museum dedicated to spuds? As part of the Idaho experience in general, visiting the museum is a must. You might just be surprised about how much you can learn about potatoes.  And if the idea about learning about Idaho’s most famous crop still doesn’t appeal to you, stop by anyway for the complimentary hash browns!

4.) Go on a Blind Date.

If Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho) is famous for one thing (besides accepting the students rejected from BYU Provo), it is the marriage crazed students. Their hunger for matrimony has even earned BYU-Idaho the nickname of BYU-I-Do. If you really want to enjoy the BYU-Idaho experience, going on a blind date is a must. Don’t worry about finding someone to set you up, the favorite activity after dating at BYU-Idaho is match making.  In fact, the university itself regularly hosts speed dating on campus.

5.) Original Thai.

Forget travelling to New York, Chicago, or any other major city to get authentic Thai food, you can find it right on Main Street in Rexburg. Tucked away right next to the Romance Theater, this restaurant is easily the best in the city.  The owners, who are also the cooks and wait staff, are natives of Thailand and it shows in the quality of the food. The menu is large enough to have something for all tastes, and although food portions have gotten a bit smaller over the years, you still get a good deal for the price you pay.

MichaelBriscoe graduated from BYU-Idaho with his B.S. in Sociology in 2014.  While at BYU-Idaho he worked as a custodian, and graduation specialist, as well as a manager and performer in various campus activities and performances.

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