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5 Things to Look for on a Campus Visit at Butler University


The campus visit is one of the most important parts of selecting the right college. Butler University offers different types of tours, and prospective students can choose between daily visits, individual visits and preview days. The preview days are offered to juniors and seniors in high school, and they are the best option. You will get the chance to see the campus, ask current students questions and attend a discussion meeting.

1.) Dorm Rooms 

The dorm rooms are the most popular part of the campus tour at Butler University. You can see an actual first year dorm in action and ask questions. It is important to keep in mind that the school carefully selects the dorms ahead of time, so you will see some of the most organized rooms on campus. Although the tour guide will emphasize the benefits like the laundry rooms and computer labs, you should pay attention to the actual dorm rooms. Can you spend the next four years at Butler University in this type of dorm? You may want to take a tape measure with you to see the exact closet size and bed length.

2.) Dining Services 

Butler University offers several dining services at different locations on campus. Students can purchase a meal plan and eat at Atherton Union Marketplace dining hall, ResCo dining hall or “C Club” food court. Food and beverages are also available at Starbucks and the Fuel smoothie bar. If you have dietary restrictions and allergies, the school is willing to accommodate them, but you may want to ask questions during the campus tour about your situation.

The Atherton Union Marketplace dining hall and ResCo dining hall post their menus online, so you can see exactly what to expect during lunch or dinner at Butler University. The menus have nutritional information listed next to each item, and you can calculate the calories in your mashed sweet potatoes or turkey divan. During the campus tour, you can concentrate on how students feel about the meals and be prepared for mixed reviews of the dining options.

3.) Nature 

If you have outdoor allergies, then you need to be prepared because Butler University forces all students to walk outside. Several buildings are connected, but it will not be enough for you to avoid smelling the fresh grass or seeing blossoms appear on the fruit trees. Students with allergies should pay attention to the nature on campus during a tour and make sure they are comfortable with spending an entire semester walking from their dorms to classes.

4.) Health Facilities 

Only one part of the health facilities at Butler University is included in the usual campus tour. You can see the Health & Recreation Complex (HRC), but you usually are not going to get the chance to visit the actual health clinic unless you make special arrangements. The staff at the clinic provides a range of services including flu shots, allergy injections, wellness exams and some emergency procedures. However, if you require regular appointments, then you need to ask questions about your specific health issues and make sure the clinic will be able to help you.

You should pay attention to the schedule because the clinic is only open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., so your midnight emergencyon Saturday will require a 911 call. In addition, there are complicated rules about health insurance. Students who cannot prove they have insurance are automatically enrolled in the Butler insurance plan. The campus tour is a good opportunity to ask questions about coverage and find out what to expect from billing.

5.) Classrooms and Technology 

Butler University’s tour guides are taught to mention the low student to faculty ratio, but you may want to pay attention to the actual classrooms. Although the campus is constantly renovating its facilities, some classrooms can look outdated. Technology is another important aspect of a college education, so you should pay attention to the computer labs and other areas. Despite efforts to increase the number of computers, students need to be prepared because the labs are usually full. If you plan on bringing your own technology, then make sure to ask questions about accessing the Butler network.

Lana Bandoim is a freelance writer and editor. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry from Butler University. Her work has been published on websites ranging from Yahoo! News to Lifescript.


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