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5 Things to Do on a Friday Night at Bloomsburg University


Friday night is a special time in everybody’s week. It’s the time many students at Bloomsburg University relax and unwind from a hard week of work. These are some of the best ways to spend your start to the weekend in the town of Bloomsburg.

1.) Go Out To Dinner With Friends.

After a tiring week of work and routine, Friday night is the perfect time to switch it up and enjoy time with friends. Bloomsburg has many enjoyable places with fantastic atmospheres for you and a group to enjoy a night out with great food. Among some of the best places in the Bloomsburg Area with a casual vibe are Marley’s, Balzano’s and Applebees. For a fancier, fine dining feel there is O Li Ran Sushi and Bloomin’ Tai. There are also more laid back local places like TriPi, ChinaTown and Berrigan’s. Each of these places has something special to offer and will make for enjoyable dinner with you and your friends.

2.) Billiards.

Bloomsburg has a few places to enjoy a game of pool, but be ready to play. The Kher Union on campus at Bloomsburg University has a game room with many pool tables for students to use for free, all they need is their student ID. Some other places are Good Ol’ Days, Capitol and Hardware. Some places charge for each game, other places are free, so bring a few dollars just in case there is a fee. It’s always a great experience to get together with a friend and compete with others to see who has better skills on the table. Do you have what it takes to become the top billiards player in Bloomsburg?

3. Join the Club Scene.

On Friday nights, Bloomsburg’s Club scene is popping! Each week, the hottest DJs in town play some of the most fun mixes in the area. You can be sure several places in town (Capitol, Hardware and Good Ol’ Days to name a few) are going to be packed with people enjoying a great time with their friends. Everyone has a good time, and with campus so close you can get home easily if you stay out late.

4.) Bloom Beach.

There is a particular stretch of water the town of Bloomsburg that has been developed with sand and rocks to create a little beach. This place is known among residents as “Bloom Beach”, and it’s the best place to be on a sunny and warm Friday afternoon into the evening. There are places to set up cozy campfires and lay down under the stars. The sound of the running water and the fresh, clean air of Central Pennsylvania provides a soothing, natural experience to rest your mind. After a week classes, Bloom Beach is the place to go for some relaxation and meditation.

5.) Campus / University Events.

Bloomsburg University is a major asset to the town of Bloomsburg, and can be an eventful place. There are often many activities right on campus, saving you from driving or spending money. Many events are even open to the public! You can enjoy anything from guest speakers, movie screenings, contests, sports, and live music. Sometimes there are billiard tournaments and athletic competitions. Bloomsburg is such an active place that it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find something to do on a Friday night. Don’t forget simple activities with fellow students, like hanging out on the quad throwing a Frisbee or playing volleyball.

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Amro Elansari graduated from Bloomsburg University with a 150 Credit Dual Degree in Economics and Political Science in May 2013. Amro now lives in a tropical paradise and is a Writer for Pennsylvania Writing Services.


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