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5 Things to Avoid at Ohio University


1.) Spring fests and dorm bathrooms just don’t mix

Every spring, Ohio University enters what’s known as ”Fest Season” to students. These heavily attended gatherings most centering around established musical acts occur at off campus houses and in barren fields near the school grounds. As fun as they may be, party-goers often return to their dorms caked from head to toe in mud. This renders communal bathrooms and laundromats a total mess. So while you shouldn’t avoid these anticipated events for fear of getting a bit dirty, you should aim to bathe and wash your clothes early in the day to dodge the less than clean wreckage at night.

2.) Too steep hills and treacherous weather

Situated in the hills of Appalachia, the college’s terrain features plenty of sharp inclines unavoidable no matter where you’re trying to get. However, there’s one that incites fear in the hearts of all Bobcats. Jefferson Hill. This intimidating slope that’s just off the central green leads connects students to the east and south greens. During days with clear skies, you’ll make it up or down at the cost of some temporary breathlessness.

In rain or snow? You’re just waiting for a disastrous slip to send your textbooks flying. Thankfully you have some alternative routes to help you out. Nearby Glidden Hall (otherwise known as the Music Building) has an elevator that in the know students often use to bypass walking all together. The parallel Morton Hill may be longer in scope, but it’s also considerably less steep.

3.) The library during finals week

This one may seem counter-intuitive since the school’s renowned Alden Library appears the ideal place for intensive studying, but it becomes a breeding ground for annoyances during peak capacity weeks. The typically calm ”quiet floors” are overrun with students due to lack of seating, leading to increased noise. Need to print something from the community printers?

This certainly isn’t the place to do it. You could wait upwards of an hour to finally settle into one of the shared computers that some students will occupy for the entire day. Café Bibliotech, the pick-me-up snack spot located on the third floor, also begins running low on candy bars and refreshments. You’ll be much better off with dormitory study rooms or empty lecture halls both of which are entirely underused by quiet seeking scholars.

4.) Avoid illness and a need for prescriptions at all costs

There’s a joke that drifts around about Hudson Health Center, Ohio University’s on campus medical facility for the sick student, that it’s the only place that could diagnose a person suffering from a common cold with a rare, life threatening malady in a matter of seconds. Basically, the only thing more terrifying than coming down with the flu is accepting that this is your closest option for treatment.

Crowded waiting rooms and misinformed staff members are just a few of the reasons why this facility is avoided at all costs. It’s so frustrating that some students will journey home to see their regular medical provider. If that’s not an option to you, the close by O’Bleness Hospital will take much better albeit more expensive care of you. For students without automobiles, it’s not accessible by foot from the campus.

5.) Student food markets on Sunday nights

If your meal plan is poised to have some leftover points that can be redeemed at the grocery store like markets found on each green, get rid of them in short bursts throughout the week. The shelves couldn’t be more empty come Sunday night, leaving you to buy items you don’t really want that will just crowd your already too small dormitory fridge.

Ryan James is a ’13 alumnus of Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in writing and media. He currently works as a copywriter for a Fortune 500 e-commerce corporation based in Columbus, OH.


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