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5 Things to Avoid at Butler University


Your life at Butler University will be easier if you learn to avoid some of the common problems. You can stay away from the worst place to study in the library and skip the scary fines for parking in the wrong lot by paying attention. Butler University can provide you with a great college experience, but it has not escaped the issues commonly seen at other schools.

1.) Avoid Walking Alone at Night in the Butler Tarkington Neighborhood

Despite the police presence on the campus, safety is a concern for students at the university. The Butler-Tarkington neighborhood includes the university and residential areas near the school. The problems include abandoned houses, traffic issues and crime. There are frequent reports of assaults, robberies and rapes, so students should not walk alone at night.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has shared crime reports for the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, and the list includes robberies, vandalism, battery, car thefts and other problems. If you cannot avoid walking at night because of working late in the labs or studying for exams, then consider using the Butler University Police Department’s Dawg Ride.

This is a free van that picks up students who are scared to walk back to their dorms or cars. However, you should avoid abusing the Dawg Ride program because you can be banned.

2.) Avoid Overdrawing Your Butler University Account

Unpaid bills can be a big problem for students at Butler University. If your account is overdrawn and remains unpaid, then the school can stop you from registering for new classes. In addition, the school will refuse to give you a transcript or diploma.

Your balance will continue to grow as the university adds finance charges of 18% APR. You must pay your entire balance to graduate from Butler University because the payment terms allow the school to stop you from enjoying commencement.

3.) Avoid Parking in the Wrong Lot

Parking is a constant problem at Butler University and using the wrong lot can make your life miserable. For example, if you are a commuter, then you must have the C permit and park in the corresponding lots. A student with a C permit cannot use the B permit lots without risking a fine and tow.

The Butler University police frequently fine students with tickets ranging from $25 to $100. The higher fees are reserved for violations like parking in the grass, taking an ADA reserved spot or parking in the fire lane. Cars can also be towed, and students have to pay the tickets before getting them back.

4.) Avoid Studying on the Third Floor of Irwin Library

Irwin Library is one of Butler University’s most popular places for students to study. It has multiple study areas and individual study rooms that can be reserved. However, many students avoid the third floor of Irwin Library because it gets too hot in the warmer months.

If you try to study on the third floor, the library’s large windows help the sun bake you. In addition, the top floor has the smallest number of study areas because of the rare books and special collections section. You can find better study areas on the first and second floor. Even the basement is better than the top floor.

5.) Avoid Dragging All of Your Books to Class

It is usually not necessary to bring the 500-page textbook to every class. However, underclassmen frequently make the mistake of dragging all of their books with them and simply create back problems that can last a lifetime. Most professors will let you know ahead of time if you need to bring a book to class, so avoid the risk of ripping your backpack.

If you are a commuter, then this is an important guideline to follow because leaving books in a car can tempt thieves to break your windows. Your textbooks are an expensive investment, so leave them at home or in the dorms.

There are several things you should avoid at Butler University to make your life better. If you remember where to park, where to study and what to stay away from, then you can reduce the stress and focus on getting your research paper turned in on time.

Lana Bandoim is a freelance writer and editor. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry from Butler University. Her work has been published on websites ranging from Yahoo! News to Life script.


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