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5 Things to Avoid at Bloomsburg University


There are many great things at Bloomsburg University and some things that are not so great. Avoid these, and you can make your time at Bloomsburg a fun, educational, and social experience.

1.) Fast Food

Bloomsburg has many food options, but some aren’t appetizing. One of the top things to avoid in Bloomsburg are foods that aren’t healthy (or tasty). Aside from major fast food chains everywhere, there are greasy pizza places in town (Nap’s Pizza in particular). Beware of the campus food (Husky, Roongo’s and Commons) and items at convenience stores (UniMart and Bloom Tobacco). There was nothing nourishing or fresh available on campus and very limited options downtown. But there is hope! The best places for food are some of the high quality restaurants in the area, and of course the local grocery stores. Bloomsburg businesses are growing, so there are new places popping up all the time.  For more about food, check out Things I Wish I Knew Before I Attended.

2.) Dorm Life

Dorms are a great place to start your college career; but not an ideal long term option. Living in the dorms means you do not get your own kitchen, and you are generally stuck with the on campus cafeteria and fast food. In the dorms, you share your most personal space with others which may be uncomfortable at times. The dorms are great to start, but it is best to find off campus housing to make your long-term stay in Bloomsburg a comfortable one. There are many affordable housing options in the area.

3.) The Wrong Side of the Law

Bloomsburg University is known for having one of the highest numbers of arrests for underage drinking in the country. And with the alcohol consumption comes serious problems like assaults, robberies and accidents. The police have to respond aggressively and with force. If you get caught doing something bad by an officer, they’re likely to write up a ticket or report and charge you, which will make your life miserable for the next six or more months. Bloomsburg is also known for aggressive Parking Authority, so make sure you are parked appropriately or risk an inconvenient fine.

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4.) Bloomsburg Hospital

Bloomsburg Hospital is located just outside of campus. There’s a rumor that people go there and come out more injured than before they went in. There is a bigger and more well known hospital, Geisinger Hospital in Danville, the next town over. Most people prefer it, and it’s only 10-15 minutes away from Bloomsburg. It is certainly worth the extra drive to ensure medical safety and satisfaction.

5.) Arcus Brothers

Arcus Brothers is a pawn shop on Third St. and East Main. The concept is great. You can trade in unwanted items for money back, or buy something you want for less than retail. However, the staff attitude and customer treatment are absolutely horrendous. The owner usually complains about how busy he is, and how much of a hurry he is in. If you offer to sell something, expect pennies on the dollar and that’s if he even considers buying it. If you want to buy something expect the highest mark up on it. As a business owner, the treatment and respect of your customers is of utmost importance. Until this can change, it is best to avoid conducting business there.

Amro Elansari graduated from Bloomsburg University with a 150 Credit Dual Degree in Economics and Political Science in May 2013. Amro now lives in a tropical paradise and is a writer for Pennsylvania Writing Services.


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