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5 Things I Wish I Knew About Before Attending Bloomsburg University


College is a very special time in a person’s life it is typically the time one chooses to leave home and set off on their own adventure. This was how it was for me when I went to study at Bloomsburg University to pursue my dream of being a lawyer. Here are five things I wish I knew about Bloom before I chose to attend.

1.) I Wish I Knew, How Awesome the Campus Is

Bloomsburg University is located on a beautiful Pennsylvania landscape with green trees and fresh air. Most of the classes are held in five buildings located next to one another around what is known as the academic quad. When the weather is warm the campus is filled with lively people for when it is cold, the buildings are only a short walk from one to the other. With an awesome library updated with the latest technology as the headpiece to the setting, Bloomsburg University’s campus is the best place to be.

2.) I Wish I Knew, How Bad the Food is For You

The only sources of food on campus from from Aramarc, a chemical company that produces highly processed food that is not good for your health at all. Anywhere except for the commons, all you can really get are burgers and chicken sandwiches, fried appetizers, pizza, low quality salads, and processed shelf snacks. The wraps are acceptable,but the prices are ridiculous. At the Commons, they try to give it a more home cooked feel but you can taste fakeness in what they are trying to pull off. Part of the reason is because they are trying to mass-produce to feed a college population; but still, there are other things you can do. My solution to this problem (after my health began to suffer) was to make my own meal plan consisting of homemade rice, pasta, meats, and sides. From that point on, my time in Bloomsburg was Golden.

3.) I Wish I Knew, How Much There is To Do Besides Classes

When it comes to facilities, Bloomsburg University is top notch. The Kher Union and Andruss Library provide excellent environments for you to focus on your studies. The Rec Center is a great place to maintain fitness and there is even a pool in the Nelson Field House with open swim hours. Bloomsburg has all of the facilities needed for a student to live a productive and healthy lifestyle.

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4.) I Wish I Knew, About Bloom Beach

There is a human made beach along a certain run of water that drains into the Susquehanna River. The area is known as Bloom Beach and it is the place to be on a spring or summer afternoon. I knew about this place from early on, but it was only until I was near graduation that I began to appreciate how amazing the place is. It’s a great spot for meditation, relaxation, enjoyment, thinking, Frisbee, exercise, music, sun; you name it. I am certain no city schools in Philadelphia or New York have a similar place to compare.

5.) I Wish I Knew, How Affordable Bloomsburg Is

There are a lot of housing options in Bloomsburg and many of them can be rented out to groups at affordable rates. This makes Bloomsburg a great place to be even if one is not studying at the University. Housing could end up being as low as $400 a month for some people, and if you really get lucky, even less! Meal plans can be arranged for very competitive prices, especially if you invest in your own home plan rather than the school’s. A 25 lb bag of rice for about $16 can last you the entire semester! If you plan ahead, you can really live very efficiently during your time in Bloomsburg.

BU is already a state funded school with a very competitive tuition rate of about $4,000 a semester. With scholarships and grants, you could make it through your time in Bloomsburg without a penny of debt (which certainly cannot be said by other schools).

If I had known these few things prior to attending, I would have been able to better manage and prepare for my time at Bloomsburg University. Regardless of these points, I had a great time at Bloomsburg and am certain that I made the right choice; I hope you do too.

Amro Elansari graduated from Bloomsburg University with a 150 Credit Dual Degree in Economics and Political Science in May 2013. Amro now lives in a tropical paradise and writes for Pennsylvania Writing Services.

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