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4 Things I Wish I Knew About Before Attending Fordham University


As a transfer student, I was not sure what to expect when I chose to transfer to Fordham University. I was majoring in Psychology in the most popular NYC city area, Lincoln Center, and I had heard great things about the school in terms of academics. Since my first college year experience was in an artistic dance college, I expected this to be a 360 change from arts to education, not knowing if I would make friends so easily. However, it surprisingly was the opposite. My experience from this environment was nothing short of inspiring, cultivating, and creatively challenging. Every day there was a possibility to explore the campus. There were so many clubs and opportunities to interact with other students that really make this college experience that much more rewarding. That is what I appreciate as an undergraduate student, and my counselor could not have been more kind and supportive in helping me transfer and enroll into all of the classes that I needed for a swift transition. These positive experiences impacted me simply by helping me in my own transformation as a young adult. The tools this school gave me enhanced my overall confidence and zest for life. Even with my great experience, there are 4 things I wish I knew about Fordham University before I attended.

1) The library is your friend

When midterms and finals come, all students scramble around trying to find places to study. Well you are in luck! The library has so many corners and areas that feel private, it felt like I was in a magical space where nobody would bother me. The library was definitely one of the best study spots. Tables seemed to be at your disposal, as there was one every turn you made. Interestingly enough, it was somehow connected to the Fordham Law School, so I would see the sophisticated law students all dressed up like business men and women every morning downstairs.

2) Your professors can be your greatest mentors.

As young adults, I feel we are all on a journey and we get lost at times. Guidance is crucial, and many of the Fordham professors open themselves up to be amazing mentors. I never had to be nervous about the transition to Fordham University. My counselors and professors were more than kind to answer any questions I had and made their office hours available whenever a student needed help in any class. In addition, with the classes being quite small, we got such an amazing opportunity to bond with our professors more intimately, and this made us, the students feel like we had mentors by our sides at all times. We felt protected in that way.

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3) The Café lunch room has the most delicious meal options

During the winter when it is freezing and snowing outside, students desperately wish for home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, for many who dorm or commute to school each day, that is likely not possible. The lunch café on the ground floor at Fordham has everything! There are many salad choices and toppings, soups and veggies, and snacks galore. It is especially convenient when I had night classes so I took an elevator downstairs and went along the aisles to choose a little snack. When the weather gets warmer you can take your lunch outside and you will hear the birds chirping and see the flowers blooming. You get the real essence of spring and summer by spending time outside. There is so much space that you can even study there on the benches, or have conversations and even play some sports.

4) Fordham has two campuses!

Most students want to finish their studies as quickly as possible, and I was no exception. I wanted to take a summer course, never realizing that there was another campus in the Bronx. I took some classes there, and we had to get a ticket and get into groups of people and drive up there with a big car. The experience was extraordinary. Fordham in the Bronx is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. It was a serene and peaceful environment with lots of space for thoughts and expression to occur naturally. I got lost a few times, but with the help of a map and some friendly people on the campus, I made my way just fine through both campuses and through my overall college experience!

My name is Levita G and I am an avid health and wellness blogger, a ballerina from Lincoln Center, and a Psychology graduate (Fordham University student 2009-2010). I aim to help people live a balanced and healthy spiritual lifestyle. Come follow my blog http://healthandwellnesswithlevi.blogspot.com/.


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